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News: on-site edition and new entries

Big news for this month:

  • The site migrated on a new server in my French lab in Grenoble. I also bought a domain name in order to be independent:
  • To complete and modernize the dictionary, I integrated entries from JMdict and Wikipedia that were also found in the Daijirin monolingual Japanese dictionary. Noew, there are 153,929 articles in total with 47,811 from the JMdict and 23,456 from Wikipedia. See the statistiques.php for more informations.
  • I implemented an on-site édition for small modifications on the articles. See the Edition part of the help page for more details.

The Cesselin dictionary is here!

There we are, after 6 months of hard work, the Cesselin dictionary is available freely on the Web and soon for download. More than 82,000 Japanese->French articles are waiting for you ;-).

To lookup into the dictionary, use the form on the top of this page. Note that it is better to search for words written in romaji or kana as 10% of the kanjis (see the statistics page) were not recognised by the OCR.