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The Jibiki.fr project

Japanese-French dictionary


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The aims of the Jibiki.fr project are to build collaboratively a good quality and broad coverage Japanese-French dictionary as well as a bilingual parallel corpus. The initial data comes from several sources such as the Japanese→French Cesselin dictionary, the French→Japanese Raguet-Martin dictionary, the Japanese→English JMdict dictionary and Wikipedia links. The Japanese→French volume contains more than 154,000 entries and the French→Japanese volume contains more than 62,000 entries. The resulting data is freely and publicly downloadable.

Integration of the Raguet-Martin French-Japanese Dictionary

Since the beginning of the jibiki.fr project in 2014, I had in my boxes the data from the French-Japanese dictionary designed by the missionaries Émile Raguet and Jean-Marie Martin.

The Missions Étrangères de Paris and the brand new France-Asia Research Institute kindly gave me permission to use this data. The result is interesting. The Raguet-Martin dictionary contains about 50,000 articles and 80,000 word senses. I completed it with 12,000 translation links from Wikipedia.

The Jibiki.fr project is finally standing on its own two legs!

The volume is available for consultation and editing. Do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about it!

Best contributor of the month


This month of January, thé laurels crown will go to Constance (Mutsuko) with an impressive number of 1,168 contributions !

Around 600 articles with unrecognized headwords were fixed by Mutsuko!

Thanks a lot Mutsuko 🙂

You can learn more if you click on the statistics page.

News: on-site edition and new entries

Big news for this month:

  • The site migrated on a new server in my French lab in Grenoble. I also bought a domain name in order to be independent: jibiki.fr.
  • To complete and modernize the dictionary, I integrated entries from JMdict and Wikipedia that were also found in the Daijirin monolingual Japanese dictionary. Noew, there are 153,929 articles in total with 47,811 from the JMdict and 23,456 from Wikipedia. See the statistiques.php for more informations.
  • I implemented an on-site édition for small modifications on the articles. See the Edition part of the help page for more details.

Best contributor of the month


This is now time to give a laurels crown for our best contributor of the month of June.
Nicolas Mollard ended up with 27 contributions !

Thanks Nicolas 🙂

You can learn more if you click on the statistics page.

The Cesselin dictionary is here!

There we are, after 6 months of hard work, the Cesselin dictionary is available freely on the Web and soon for download. More than 82,000 Japanese->French articles are waiting for you ;-).

To lookup into the dictionary, use the form on the top of this page. Note that it is better to search for words written in romaji or kana as 10% of the kanjis (see the statistics page) were not recognised by the OCR.